What Can I Do About Soil Toxicity?

Due to the crazy weather patterns that have been evolving, much of the country has been wracked by rainstorms over the past few months. These storms can cause flooding and standing water, which means pollutants, oils, and toxins from all kinds of sources can end up in lawns, gardens, and farms. Additionally, in towns along the coast, ocean salt is part of the flood waters and air mist and that salt is very toxic to lawns, plants and trees.

When the water settles, homeowners and groundskeepers need a plan to quickly remediate the damages. They need to do two things: 1. Move the water, salt and other soluble toxins down below the root zone. 2. Detoxify the soil.

As you might suspect, we already have a solution for this: Aerify PLUS, our liquid soil aeration and bio-activation product. The drainage-improving properties of Aerify PLUS help the polluted water to rapidly leach out below the root zone, while the humic and fulvic acids buffer many of the toxic substances and will stimulate their degradation biologically. Humic Acids are commonly used in soil remediation projects, and ours is the highest quality and strength we know of. Finally, Aerify PLUS also contains Kelp (seaweed). This can help replace some of the nutrients lost to flooding, and will lead to both healthier plant and increased microbial growth.

For detoxification of heavy pollutants or salt you would want to use about 8 oz Aerify PLUS per 1000 sf – and make two applications at this rate about a week to 10 days apart. (If you are a regular user of Aerify PLUS you can cut that rate in half.) Additionally, if you happen to already have our Spotless Lawn Dog Spot Aid, you can apply that at 10 oz per 1000 sf to aid in remediation.

As always, if you have any questions please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help!

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