Soil Remediation

Rehab for Waterlogged or Flooded Soils

When soils, especially heavier loams or clays, are sitting in water for too long, there are a number of very bad things that happen: loss of aeration, breakdown of soil structure, compaction, loss of beneficial soil microbes, and/or root rot or other diseases. Whether you are growing grass, garden plants, trees, or farm crops, it

The “Magic” of Nature’s Magic

When we decided to call our all-organic soil and plant treatment product  NATURE’S MAGIC  we were trying to convey the fact that this is a truly special product for your soil and everything growing in it. While doing some extra research on a few of its components, we realized that it is probably even better

How Big is My Lawn?

Most lawn care products are meant to be applied based on the square footage of area being treated. For example, our Aerify Plus liquid soil aerator label says to apply at 4 oz per 1000 sf.   But do you actually know how many square feet of property you have to treat?  One way to get

What To Do About Soil Toxicity

Due to the crazy weather patterns that have been evolving, much of the country has been wracked by rainstorms over the past few months. These storms can cause flooding and standing water, which means pollutants, oils, and toxins from all kinds of sources can end up in lawns, gardens, and farms. Additionally, in towns along