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Spotless Lawn


  • Say “Goodbye!” to Grass Burn from Urine: Our all natural dog spot repair and dog burn preventer will Revive, Repair, and Protect grass from dog urine burn so you can have the lawn of your dreams AND the animals you love!
  • The Most Effective All Natural, Non-toxic, Pet-safe, Dog Spot Solution for All Grass Types:  Bermuda grass, Fescue, Rye, Kentucky blue, St. Augustine, Bent grass, sod, new lawns and established, our Dog Spot remover and preventer eliminates yellow spots on your lawn and strengthens your grass to prevent new dog burn spots from forming.
  • Finally a Safe, Natural, Effective Dog Spot Treatment for Lawns: No temporary green dye, no questionable pills or treats to feed the dog. Protect against and repair yellow patches from dog pee with powerful all natural ingredients that are as safe for your dog as they are beneficial for your lawn.
Free Shipping
Made in the USA
Made in
the USA
Satisfaction Guaranteed

SPOTLESS LAWN – Repairs and Prevents Dog Spots on Lawns


An all-organic spray that filters and removes dog urine while improving soil and grass health.

Spotless Lawn is a unique organic formula that helps repair and prevent dog urine spots in your lawn. When used regularly it results in a healthier lawn and a continued reduction in size and number of dog spots, eventually preventing dog spots on lawns them entirely.

Spotless Lawn contains eco-friendly ingredients that are designed to quickly penetrate the soil to buffer, biodegrade and remove the toxic levels of urine in the soil. It also contains organic growth stimulants to help the grass recover quickly. And with regular use you will build up an extremely bio-active soil that not only protects grass from further damage, but also helps create a healthier and more vibrant green lawn.

Safe for Kids and Pets – Removes Odors – Easy to Apply
Improves the Health and Appearance of Lawns
1 Quart Treats 6-8000 sf


Aside from dog burns, Spotless Lawn will help with fertilizer burn and road or snow salt damage too. It can even be used to help bio-remediate gas and oil spills on the lawn as well. This product will not bring completely dead grass back to life, but if the grass has some life left in it Spotless Lawn will help it recover fast. And if the grass spots are actually dead, it will speed up their decomposition and will help the surrounding grasses fill in.
The Spotless Lawn formula resolves your dog urine problems using a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Remove the Urine. Dog urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen and salts. When there is too much urine in the root zone it dehydrates and eventually kills the grass. This is very similar to the “fertilizer burn” that occurs when you over-apply a lawn fertilizer. The way to resolve a fertilizer or dog urine burn, if the grass is not completely dead before you get to it, is to quickly disperse and filter out the excessive nitrogen and salts. Spotless Lawn uses a food grade soil penetrant combined with a bio-active carbon (coal) to quickly end the urine toxicity.
  2. Repair the Grass. If you can begin spraying Spotless Lawn before the dog spots are completely dead then you have a chance for the grass to recover. This formula contains numerous trace elements as well as plant hormones (from seaweed) that will help promote rooting and new growth in the yellow grass. And if the grass is already completely dead, Spotless Lawn will help it decompose quickly and stimulate the surrounding grass to fill in quicker. We should note that this filling-in aspect does depend on the type of grass you have in your lawn; if the grass is completely dead and you don’t want to wait, we suggest seeding those areas for quicker fill-in.  You can use a grass “patch” product which can be found in all garden shops. It is safe to continue to use Spotless Lawn on and around the new seed.
  3. Protect the Lawn From Further Damage. When you apply Spotless Lawn per directions you will create a healthier, deeper-rooted lawn in an extremely bioactive soil. Numerous beneficial soil microbes will help break down excess nitrogen and convert it into valuable humus. The bio-active carbon will continue to filter and remove toxins and will also buffer acid or alkaline pH problems. The trace elements and plant hormones contained in the product will lead to deeper rooted, healthier, and more stress-resistant grass.


Lawns that do not receive enough water are more prone to dog spot damage that those that get irrigated frequently. Water helps dilute the urine, so it is a good idea to keep the lawn irrigated and if possible, water the area right away after the dog urinates.

Dog Urine, due to its nitrogen content, is actually fertilizing your lawn in a small area. Often you will see dark green grass where the dog urinates. Sometimes there is a burned area in the middle and sometimes not. If your lawn has poor color aside from these green spots it is a sure indicator that your lawn needs fertilizing. Our All-In-One For LAWNS, which contains beneficial microbes, is our recommended fertilizer.



Easy to use 3 Step Instructions for year-long benefits

1. Initial Application 2. Follow Up 3. Protect

    1. Initial Application: For SMALL AREAS of concentrated damage you can apply Spotless Lawn with a watering can. Mix 2 oz in 1-2 gallons of water in a watering can and sprinkle over up to a 10′ x 10′ (100 sf) area. Water generously after applying to soak into the roots.For LARGER AREAS, use the hose-end sprayer with your water hose opened up to about 2/3 pressure. Set the sprayer to “On” and spray 8-10 oz (approx. 1/4 – 1/3 bottle) per every 1000 sf. Set the sprayer to “Water” after applying and water generously after applying to soak into the root zone. Note, there will always be some trial and error when using a hose-end sprayer. For full instructions see below.
    2. Follow Up in 2 weeks at the rates of 1-2 oz per 100 sf in a watering can for small areas, or 4-5 oz per 1000 sf for large areas, using the hose-end applicator. Set the sprayer to Water and water generously after applying to soak into the root zone.
    3. Protect by applying every 4 weeks at these same Follow Up rates to prevent further damage and ensure year round protection.

Note: If you have multiple dogs or a very small area that gets a lot of use, you can apply heavier, perhaps twice as often or double the above rates without worry.

SALT DAMAGE TREATMENTS For road salt, ocean salts or other salt damage treat at 10 oz per 1000 sf and follow up at the 5 oz rate in two weeks. Continue monthly if there is an ongoing salt issue.

Instructions for Using the Hose-End Sprayer

spotless-lawn-sprayerThe hose-end sprayer attachment makes applications fast and easy. They sprayer siphons up the liquid in the container and mixes it with water as the water passes through the top of the spray nozzle. No water actually goes into the bottle when spraying. This sprayer is designed to siphon up the Spotless Lawn at a rate of 1½ oz per gallon of water.

Our container holds 32 oz, or 1 quart of Spotless Lawn. There are 3 settings on the control knob: OFF, ON (Mix), H20 (Water only).

Here is our best advice on how to use the sprayer:

  1. Figure out the size of the area you want to spray. Simply multiply length times width in feet. Pace it out heel-to-toe if you need to.
  2. Determine how much of the product you want to use based on the size of the area you are going to treat. For example, if you are treating 2000 sf, and you want to use 10 oz per 1000 sf, you want to use 20 oz of Spotless Lawn in total.
  3. Turn the water on at about 2/3 pressure.
  4. With the knob turned to ON, walk at a slow to moderate pace spraying a 6-8 wide swath moving your wrist side to side. Keep moving the whole time you are spraying. Wet the top of the grass but don’t soak too heavily at this point.
  5. After you have sprayed ¼ or so of the yard, stop to see how much of the product you have used. Look through the side view strip on the bottle.
  6. If you have used too little, you can go over the area again, but for the remainder of the lawn, walk a little slower when you spray – or spray a narrower swath.
  7. If you have sprayed too much, walk a little faster when you spray – or spray a wider swath.
  8. When you have finished, turn the dial on the sprayer to H2O and give the lawn a good watering, or turn on your sprinkler if you have one.

On your next application you should have a better idea of how fast or slow you need to go to get it applied correctly, but we still suggest stopping after treating part of the lawn, to check on how much you have used.

Note: This is a very safe and gentle product. You could apply at 2-4 times suggested rate without worry about damage to your lawn.

STORAGE: Store in temperatures between 41°F (5°C) and 77°F (25°C).

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse thoroughly with water if spray or concentrate gets in eyes.

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