How Big is My Lawn?

Most lawn care products are meant to be applied based on the square footage of area being treated. If you’ve ever purchased lawn care products, you may be wondering: How big is my lawn?

For example, our Aerify Plus liquid soil aerator label says to apply at 4 oz per 1000 sf.  But do you actually know how many square feet of property you have to treat?  One way to get the property size is to measure or pace out all the area you plan to treat.  Or, if you happen to know the size of your lot, you can measure and then subtract the dimensions of structures (house, garage, driveway, etc.) and garden beds from your overall lot size and come up with the total amount of area you need to treat.  But, before you do all that, why not see if we can get you the measurement through internet mapping.

Nature’s Lawn is happy to offer free lawn measurements utilizing a specialized satellite program that allows us to fairly accurately measure the green space of your property. If you’re interested in this information, simply email us with your name and home address, and we will get back to you with your measurements as soon as possible.* If you have specific products in mind, we can also make a recommendation on how much product you will need to treat your property. (And none of your information will be saved or used for any purpose other than this exchange.)

OR, if you’d rather measure your lawn yourself, check out this free lawn measuring tool from The Lawn Chick!

It’s always a good idea to arm yourself with a little more information about your lawn!

*Monday through Friday, not including holidays. We will do our best to get measurements for everyone who asks, but certain factors might make it impossible to measure your home specifically (the age of the home, how many trees are on the property, etc.). We will let you know if we run into difficulties.