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Safe Organic Non-Toxic Liquid Fertilizer and Liquid Aeration solutions from Nature's Lawn & Garden

"Healthy lawns and gardens begin with healthy soils."

Nature's Lawn & Garden provides our customers with the benefits of 40 years of hard-won knowledge. We are experts in soil improvement, lawn aeration, lawn and garden care, organic fertilizers, liquid lime, and other bio-friendly products that can be used safely on their properties.

Because we have an actual service company (where only results count) as well as a web store, we've had the opportunity to treat thousands of yards and test many different products and procedures over the years. The soils have ranged from the densest clays to beautiful loams to nearly pure sands. We've strived to separate fact from fiction, and to find workable and inexpensive ways to improve soils and overall lawn and garden health.

If you are a landscape professional or a do-it-yourselfer, we invite you to look over our fertilizers and soil amendments to the left. There you will find some of the products we've used for rehabilitating soils, aerations of lawns, organic fertilization, reducing thatch and improving plant health. These products have been used successfully on soils all over the United States and in many other countries as well.

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Stuart Franklin, President
Author of the book Building A Healthy Lawn: A Safe and Natural Approach

There are so many high profile lawn and garden products on the market, BUT NOT ONE OF THEM, AND I SAID NOT ONE OF THEM, out performs the NATURE'S LAWN AND GARDEN, INC. products! I've been with them for over five years, and their products perform, exactly as the company promises. The first or second year, of using NL's products my baby brother walked into my yard, where I was standing and stated ...that I had the greenest and strongest looking lawn on my street. Mind you now! My baby brother is not one who cares about lawns, or horticulture. Lastly, when you begin purchasing products from NL, you begin a dialogue with the owners, who never get tired of answering your questions, and they do not brush you off, when your money is "short" and you can't buy products for a while. I can't say enough good things about this company. Give them a chance. I assure you your yard will look fantastic, and you will have turned on a horticultural "stream of wisdom" like no other you've ever known!

J.C. Taylor, Connecticut

Featured Products

Lawn Care Product - Aerify PLUS Aerify PLUS
The Ultimate Liquid Soil Conditioner.
It is simply a half and half mixture of our two best soil improvement products: Aerify! and Nature's Magic. It aerates and bio-activates soils, reduces soil compaction and improves drainage, rooting and plant health. Replace your Core Aeration with Aerify PLUS.

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Lawn Care Product - All-In-One for Lawns All-In-One for Lawns
A Lawn Care Kit in a Bottle.
This product has been formulated to Fertilize, Aerate, Bio-Activate and Dethatch your lawn in one easy-to-apply application.

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SPOTLESS LAWN Repairs and Prevents Dog Urine Spots on Lawns Spotless Lawn
Repairs and Prevents Dog Urine Spots on Lawns
An all-organic spray that filters and removes dog urine while improving soil and grass health.

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Lawn Care Product - Nature's Magic Nature's Magic
Plant & Soil Activator
A blend of two of the best soil bioactivators and plant health products in the world: Humic Acid (often called Liquid Humus) and Kelp. Provides numerous trace elements and growth stimulants. More concentrated than liquid compost teas, Nature's Magic is a totally organic soil builder that is great for both clay and sandy soils.

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Lawn Care Product - Liquid Lime Liquid Lime Formula
Chelated Calcium
A fast and dust-free way to lime your lawns and gardens. Food-grade Liquid Lime Formula can also be sprayed foliarly to correct Calcium deficiency in gardens and on farm crops.

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Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer
Our favorite Organic fertilizer for vegetables, flowers and fruits. Treat the soil or spray foliarly.

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The only problem with their products is the fact that my neighbors keep walking on my grass because the can't believe how great it feels on their feet. this stuff is great.

K. Friend Illinois

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