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Previously know as “All-in-One for Lawns”

A Lawn Care Kit in a Bottle

This one product fertilizes, aerates, bio-activates soils and grass, improves organic matter and soil structure, dethatches and improves root development. It is the perfect lawn fertilizer.

We’ve combined five of our best lawn care products into one easy-to-use lawn fertilizer mixture. LAWN FORCE 5 is a highly energized 14-3-7 fertilizer made from the following:

Instead of making separate applications of 5 products, you can now do it all in one step. 1 Gallon covers 13,000-16,000 sq ft.

“I thought you might enjoy how beautiful my yard looks with LAWN FORCE 5. Thanks for great products!”

Gary K, Shelbyville, IL


READY-TO-USE (RTU) LAWN FORCE 5 in a Refillable Spray Bottle

Simply attach this sprayer to your garden hose and you are ready to go. One bottle covers 3-4000 square feet of lawn. When empty, just refill from your gallon or 2 1/2 gallon container. You can also use this sprayer to apply other liquid products. It is preset to spray at 3 oz of product per gallon of water.

Also Available in Phosphorus-Free

Click here for the Phosphorus-Free LAWN FORCE 5 if you live in Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, or Wisconsin.


Do It Yourself Packages

Directions for Use

LAWN FORCE 5 can be applied with any type of spraying equipment. We suggest using an

adjustable hose-end sprayer set at 2-3 oz per gallon of water. Or use our Ready-To-Use Sprayer, which is pre-set for 3 oz per gallon. Use 8 oz for every 1000 sf of lawn, or 1 quart for every 4000 sf. For poorer quality lawns or where clippings are not left, apply at 10 oz per 1000 sf.

Apply every 4 weeks (or every 2 weeks at half rate) during times of the year when the grass is growing and needs to be mowed regularly. If you are dealing with a heavy clay soil and the grass does not respond quickly or maintain color, apply every 2-3 weeks until better health is achieved. Consider applying additional applications of our Aerify PLUS to help improve the clay faster.

Do not apply if grass is under stress from lack of water.

If using a pump or tank sprayer for applications, put in the water first and then add the LAWN FORCE 5. This will help avoid foaming. Commercial users can use a defoamer if necessary. Apply the LAWN FORCE 5 at a concentration of 3-4 oz per gallon of water, but under ideal moist and cool conditions, up to 6 oz per gallon of water can be applied. Use common sense. Any nitrogen fertilizer is capable of dehydrating, or “burning” the grass.

I purchased All in One after reading about your various products on your website. My lawn has never looked so wonderful…I don’t know how it could get any better.
Stephen L. Thousand Oaks, California

Great products. My lawn has never looked as healthy since I started using LAWN FORCE 5. Using a tank pressure sprayer makes application easy and no more burned spots or surge growth like I used to have with dry granules.
Brian G.
Spirit Lake, Iowa

Application instructions


Early morning or late afternoon (avoiding daytime heat) applications work best.

Determine the size of the lawn (length x width) before applying so you will know how much to use at 8 oz per 1000 sf. Fill your hose-end sprayer with LAWN FORCE 5 and if the sprayer is adjustable, set to 2-3 oz per gallon. Turn the water on at a medium flow and walk across the yard at a slow to medium pace, soaking the top of the lawn as you spray in a 6-10′ swath.

Go over the lawn as many times as needed until you have used the correct amount of the product. With some trial and error you will learn the best pace to apply it just right.

Water in after applying, or apply just before rain is expected.

Again, apply every 4 weeks at 8 oz per 1000 sf on established lawns where clippings are left. If clippings are not left you may need to apply at 10 oz per 1000 sf to replace the lost nutrients that come from the clippings. Do not apply when the grass is going dormant or is not growing. On poor quality lawns, or lawns that seem Nitrogen-starved due to pool color, you can apply every 2-3 weeks until better health is achieved.

How Much Do You Need for the Whole Season? Though climate, lawn condition, water, geography and even mowing all play a part in how much fertilizer you will need for a whole season, you can use the guideline of ½ gallon of LAWN FORCE 5 for every 1000 sf of lawn at the 8 oz rate. By purchasing in larger sizes you will save money on both the product and the shipping cost per gallon. Any leftover fertilizer can be sealed and stored to be used next season.

Handling Existing Lawn Or Soil Problems

LAWN FORCE 5 will steadily improve all facets of lawn and soil health and makes for a fantastic fertilizer for lawn and soil maintenance. But there are some instances where you might want to do a little extra for the yard, especially if you are just starting out with our products. For example:

CLAY SOIL. If you have a real problem with soil compaction or clay, we recommend additional applications of Aerify PLUS to speed up the soil improvement process.

SANDY SOIL. Apply regular applications of our Nature’s Magic to your soil help increase water and nutrient holding capacity, to deepen roots, and to improve the Organic Matter content of the soil.

THATCH SITUATIONS. If you have a serious problem with Thatch, that should be handled quickly since thatch will bring on all sorts of problems with insects, disease and rooting. We would recommend additional applications of our Biological Dethatcher to correct that situation faster.

LIME NEEDED. If your soil is acidic, it would benefit greatly from spring and fall applications of our Liquid Lime Formula.


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