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Biological Lawn Dethatcher is a liquid solution that has been formulated to generate and accelerate the decomposition of thatch in lawns. To fuel this process, our product contains high levels of thatch digesting Bacteria and Enzymes. These, along with naturally occurring soil organisms, will break down thatch and turn it into valuable humus.

Read this article about handling and preventing lawn thatch.

Thatch is a tightly woven mat of both dead and living grass parts -roots, stems, blades, runners and clippings -that forms on top of the soil. Thatch soaks up water like a sponge and prevents the water from getting into the ground. The grass roots are found to be more in the thatch layer than in the soil, which means the lawn is more susceptible to heat and drought damage. A thatch condition means a weak, insect and disease prone lawn. The photo below is an excellent illustration of thatch in a bluegrass lawn in a clay soil.

If your lawn has a true thatch condition, you cannot alleviate it with hand raking, power raking or so-called “dethatching” machines. These will only skim the surface of the thatch layer. If you dig in any deeper, you will tear out the grass. The best way to reduce thatch is to get it to decompose. For this to occur, you need to create a healthy soil. That is well aerated and bioactive. Biological Lawn Dethatcher makes sure that the specific microbes necessary for thatch decomposition are present in your soil.

Biological Dethatcher Application Directions:

Apply to lawns using our ready-to-use spray bottle or any type of spraying equipment you already have. Apply when soils are warm and frost is out of the ground. For heavy thatch conditions, use 3 oz per 1000 sf every three weeks. For help with grass clippings use 1 oz per 1000 sf monthly. Water it in afterwards with enough water to soak all the way through the thatch layer and into the soil.

WATER REGULARLY. To help aid water penetration through a heavy thatch layer, put on a light application (1/4 rate) of Aerify! or Aerify PLUS before watering if needed. Keep the soil under the thatch layer moist or decomposition will cease. You can let the top of the thatch layer dry out as long as the soil is moist underneath it. The thatch degrades at the point where it comes in contact with the soil. You will see it turn into a rich, dark humus as it begins to break down.

If you are using a pump or tank sprayer for applications and have chlorinated water, fill your tank with water first, leave the top off and let it sit for ½ hour to allow some of the chlorine to dissipate. Then add the Biological Dethatcher. You can also add some Aerify or Aerify PLUS to this mix if desired.

Commercial users should make sure properties get watered within 24 hours and should not apply in temperatures over 90 degrees unless it can be watered right away. Morning applications with more water are advised during warm weather.

Storage. Keep container sealed tightly when not in use. Store in temperatures between 41 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more information on using Biological Dethatcher click here.

Label and Material Safety Data Sheet

Biological Dethatcher Label
Biological Dethatcher Material Safety Data Sheet
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