The Best Way To Eliminate Thatch

Here you can see the matted thatch layer blocking the grass roots from getting into the soil

Here you can see the matted thatch layer blocking the grass roots from getting into the soil

Recently, a local resident asked us to check out their lawn because it was turning brown despite watering for 15-20 minutes daily. (We have been in a drought for a few months and temperatures are in the mid-80s regularly.)  When we looked at the lawn, we found that the soil was actually completely dry. Why? Because there was a 1 inch layer of moist thatch that was soaking up all the water before it got down to the soil. Most of the actual grass roots were tied up in the thatch layer instead of the ground. To make matters worse, the weakened grass was now overrun by disease, and a lot of the grass was completely dead already.

Thatch is a disaster waiting to happen. It is more prevalent on sodded lawns than seeded, but it can form on any grass type when the lawn is not cared for properly.  If your lawn has a thatch layer it is critical that you handle it as soon as possible. Thatch is a haven for insects and disease, and it causes shallow roots and winter kill.

Despite what you may have heard, you cannot eliminate true thatch by raking or other mechanical means. You simply end up tearing out the lawn. You need to get it to decompose at ground-level by applying the enzymes and microbes contained in our liquid Biological Dethatcher. Each application should reduce it by up to 3/8 inch, and in summer, when soils are warm, decomposition of thatch with this product will occur even faster. If you are already using our LAWN FORCE 5 you are putting on a small amount of dethatching microbes with each application, and while this is enough to prevent thatch and will slowly get existing thatch to decompose, it is not enough to handle a BAD thatch situation quickly.

If you are unsure about whether you have thatch, just click on the link to our Biological Dethatcher page and you will find all the information you need to see if thatch is an issue on your lawn.
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