The “Magic” of Nature’s Magic

Giant pumpkin grown with help from Nature’s Magic

When we decided to call our all-organic soil and plant treatment product  NATURE’S MAGIC  we were trying to convey the fact that this is a truly special product for your soil and everything growing in it. While doing some extra research on a few of its components, we realized that it is probably even better than we thought.

In a lot of ways, Nature’s Magic is like a very rich liquid compost that is beneficial for both lawns and gardens. It is made primarily with our Humic Acid (which is essentially mined, prehistoric, composted organic matter from ancient forests and seas) and the highest quality Norwegian Kelp. This is an extremely dense, bio-active source of organic matter, along with over 60 minerals, numerous trace elements, plant growth hormones, humic and fulvic acids. Nature’s Magic will improve the soil structure of both clay and sandy soils. It helps sandy soils hold on to water and nutrients that normally would wash right through the porous sand.

Nature’s Magic allows plants to grow where they couldn’t before. It helps neutralize toxins, including high salts that are naturally contained in some soils, as well as ocean salt. It also buffers both high and low pH problems, allowing plants to get nutrients that are otherwise “locked” in the soil. It makes all fertilizers work better by chelating nutrients and by improving microbial activity in the soil.

Nature’s Magic helps with chlorosis and seed germination, stimulates deep rooting, and supports above ground growth and health. It helps with insect and disease resistance, as well as quality of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  It works great in hydroponic gardens, too. 

This is just a short list of its capabilities!

If you really want to improve poor soil in your lawn or garden beds, a heavy spring treatment (16—32 oz per 1000 sf) would be a great start.  You can also do mid-summer and fall applications without worry. If you have sandy soil, monthly applications of Nature’s Magic at 2—4 oz (or more) per 1000 sf will help hold water and nutrients better.


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