The Importance of Pet-Safe Lawn Care

Nature’s Lawn & Garden Has Been Keeping Yards Safe for Dogs for Over 40 Years

Nature's Lawn and Garden National Rescue Dog Day 1
Joy, one of our co-worker’s rescue pups

Nature’s Lawn and Garden’s commitment to non-toxic, all-natural, organic lawn and garden care stems from our loyalty to the health and safety of our own pets. As responsible dog owners, we take that commitment seriously, to the extent that we make certain ALL of our products are pet-safe.

Take your pup for a walk in the neighborhood and you’re likely to see yard flags that warn to keep pets and people away for 24-48 hours–that’s because conventional fertilizers and weed-killers can use chemicals that are toxic to humans and animals alike. Exposure to these chemicals can cause a rash or itchy skin, teary eyes, difficulty breathing, foot pad ulcerations, vomiting, and diarrhea. Treatments for dog urine spots on lawns often involve giving them questionable pills or treats that alter the nitrogen levels and pH of their urine. Some sprays use temporary green dye to cover the spot.

Nature's Lawn and Garden national rescue dog day 2
Rusty, Madeline’s rescue pup

Why expose your best buddy to health hazards that are unnecessary? Our Spotless Lawn is an all-natural alternative that treats and prevents dog urine spots, allowing you to protect your yard and the animals you love. Spotless Lawn contains eco-friendly ingredients that are designed to quickly penetrate the soil to buffer, biodegrade and remove the toxic levels of salt and urea in the soil. It also contains organic growth stimulants to help the grass recover quickly, and strengthen grass against high concentrations of nitrogen. With regular use, you will build up an extremely bio-active soil that not only protects grass from further damage, but also helps create a healthier and more vibrant green lawn.

After being cooped up inside all winter, we and our doggos are happy to get outside more frequently.

Nature's Lawn and Garden pet safe lawn care
Boone, Ressan, and Coal, our office manager’s rescue pups

Unfortunately, warmer weather means more exposure to nasty, biting insects!  Concerned about diseases spread by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks? Our Yard Guard is an all-natural outdoor insect repellent spray that’s safe to put right on your pup. Just wet their fur and rub in well. Fleas and mites hate it, and dogs often find it soothing for hot spots. Spraying your dog before a walk around the neighborhood or even in the woods will repel any lurking fleas or ticks. Just mix [formula] in a trigger spray bottle and you’re good to go.

To protect your home and your yard from nasty insects, without harming beneficial bugs like pollinators, spray Yard Guard around the foundation walls of your house and work your way out, being sure to spray around the deck, patio, walkways, and outdoor furniture. Treat your lawn and garden beds and spray it directly on bushes and trees, being sure to avoid any blossoms or flowers; Yard Guard is excellent for fighting Japanese Beetle infestations! You can also treat any standing water to help with mosquito control. The first time you spray, you’ll need to soak the whole yard really well, then follow up every few weeks to create a cedar barrier in the soil to repel unwanted insects from the area. Yay for fewer bug bites and less scratching for you and your pup!

Join us in celebrating our beloved rescue dogs! Show your love by keeping them safe and healthy in their own yards. And if you’re looking to add a new fur baby to your family, please consider rescuing a dog from your local animal shelter. Saving the life of an animal may be one of the best gifts you give, and receive.

Natures lawn and garden pet safe lawn care 3
Missy and Buster, Emily’s two rescue dogs, on their wedding day