All-In-One for LAWNS is now officially LAWN FORCE 5!

A few weeks ago we announced in our newsletter that our beloved “lawn care kit in a bottle,” All-In-One for LAWNS, would be changing it’s name to LAWN FORCE 5. As of August 15 the change became official and we thought it was appropriate to explain some of the reasoning behind this name change.

Last year we were contacted by a very big lawn and garden corporation (with very, very deep pockets) who claimed to possess a trademark over the words “all-in-one.” They let us know they had already forced other companies to cease using this extremely common phrase in their product names and that they were prepared to take us to court over this.

We most certainly could have fought this case, and with sufficient funds we probably would have won (at least according to our lawyer), but we felt that fighting a Big Ag corporation for many months in a drawn out legal battle was not in our best interests–in fact, we’re pretty sure it would have made all of our lives much more stressful than they need to be (not to mention costing our small business a lot of money).

Instead of fighting against their claim, we have opted to take the path that allows us to continue focusing on making the best products we can and providing the best customer service we can, without interruption or interference. We have officially renamed and re-branded All-In-One for LAWNS as LAWN FORCE 5: same great product, just with a new look and a new name,

And frankly, everyone here likes the new name better!