Top 5 Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

Preparing for Spring

Though parts of the country are still frozen, there are many areas where weather has returned to normal. We are starting to receive a lot of emails about what to do for your lawn to get the jump on the spring/summer lawn care season.

Here are our top 5 tips!

Top 5 Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

  1. BE PATIENT. We know that many you are anxious to get going, but, if at all possible, stay off the lawn until you can walk on it without sinking in. Walking on a sopping wet lawn can cause damage to the roots and blades, which will make it harder for your lawn to recover. If you have been using Aerify PLUS your lawn should drain faster in the spring and green up a little sooner. But when your lawn is ready to go…
  2. Give the lawn a light raking to remove debris and lift up matted grass and (in the North) snow mold damage. Snow mold, a lawn disease, occurs on most Northern grasses, especially the creeping grass types. It is worse when there has been alternating snow cover and warm periods. Most snow mold will disappear by mid spring if you fluff it up a bit so air and sunlight can get to the soil.
  3. Seed bare and thin areas early. This is a good time to overseed your lawn and get the new grass growing before your first fertilizer application. You want the grass thick before the weeds start sprouting. Use the correct seed type for your area and your particular lawn.
  4. Sharpen your lawnmower blades. It may not be time to start mowing just yet, but when your grass starts growing you want to make sure your blades are sharp and ready to go so that they cut clean and do not damaging the grass on the first mow.
  5. Mow short for your first cut, as low as you can go without scalping the lawn. This cuts away some of the dead grass left over from the previous season (if you left it too high) and most weather damage from the winter. It also helps warm up the soil faster, stimulates growth, and allows more sunlight to to penetrate the lawn which helps prevent fungus and disease. Note: mow short only when the grass is just starting to grow, not if it is already growing vigorously.

Keep these tips in mind this spring and help your lawn be the best it can be!

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