The Number One Way to Improve Curb Appeal

June is National Homeowners Month! With the official start of summer nearly upon us, the housing market will really pick up over the next few months. If you’re planning to sell your home this year or next, you know there are steps you can take to make your home stand out amongst the competition. According to real estate experts, one of the quickest and least expensive ways to increase the value of your home is to keep a well-maintained lawn.

natures lawn and garden house with curb appeal
A sweet ranch style home with excellent curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Means “Making a great first impression.” A well-kept, aesthetically pleasing yard piques the interest of potential buyers, especially compared to homes with minimal landscaping. When buyers see the care you’ve given the exterior, they’ll be more curious to see the inside of the home. They’ll also perceive the home as having a higher value.

A lawn extends the living space of any home. Buyers will imagine a relaxing lifestyle for themselves and their families – an outdoor play area for kids and pets, and their own space to entertain friends or just unwind.

Return on Investment: Maintaining a beautiful lawn is relatively inexpensive and, according to experts, offers the best return on your home-improvement investment.

How to Get Your Lawn Curb-Appeal-Ready

Is your lawn looking less-than-picture-perfect no matter how much you fertilize? It could be the soil itself that’s the problem. When homes are built, often the good soil gets scraped away while the soil around the house gets compacted by machinery and over-exposure to the elements. Then, when the house is being finished, a thin layer of topsoil goes down, and maybe some healthy sod if you’re lucky. After a few years, the grass has sucked all the nutrients out of the original topsoil and only compacted (and frequently clay) soil is found beneath that. This leads to poor color and rooting, thatch, bare spots, disease, and all kinds of problems.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade a struggling lawn is to improve the soil with Aerify Plus. Aerify Plus loosens soil by penetrating twice as deep as core aeration, without the messy plugs or the expense of renting heavy machinery. Plus, it enriches the soil with humic and fulvic acids and nutrient-dense seaweed (kelp), which helps to permanently change the structure of the soil from compacted or clay, to loose, rich soil.

If you have the opposite problem and your soil is too sandy, Nature’s Magic can help! This product boosts the levels or organic matter in your soil so it can maintain a healthy structure, allowing for proper air and water flow–the keys to a healthy soil biome and a healthy lawn.

Just looking for a professional-grade fertilizer to really amp up your lawn’s curb appeal? In not a lot of time, you can effortlessly achieve a dream lawn with our Lawn Force 5, a lawn care kit that fertilizes, dethatches and breaks down grass clippings, aerates soil, adds organic matter to the soil, and promotes beneficial root fungus (mycorrhizae), all in one quick and easy application. Apply every 4 weeks (or every 2 weeks at half rate) when the grass is growing and needs to be mowed regularly. (It’s also available in a Phosphorus Free formula for those of you in states with phosphorus restrictions.)

With products from Nature’s Lawn & Garden, your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Let the bidding begin!