Mighty Liquid Iron – Using Liquid Iron to kill weeds, reduce moss, and green up your lawn!

Iron is a micronutrient that plants need in order to form chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is the main component in plants that make them green. But in many iron-rich soils the iron is unavailable to plants due to high pH or compacted/clay conditions. By spraying our Liquid Iron on your lawn, you can get immediate absorption of iron through the leaf blades of the grass or other plants. And because the iron is sugar-chelated, it will be very easily absorbed through the roots as well.

Every grass type and variety has a color potential of its own.  Some are deeper green, and some are lighter green. With a light application of Liquid Iron (3-6 oz per 1000 sf) you can get your lawn to its best color.

Moss Control

Though we don’t officially label our Liquid Iron as a moss killer, many of our customers have used it with great results. We tested it out recently using a pump sprayer that contained 6 oz of Liquid Iron per gallon of water. By just wetting the moss thoroughly, the moss started showings signs of dying within a few hours and was completely brown by the next day.  Note: if you are spraying moss that is in a lawn, make sure the grass is not under any drought or heat stress. The iron may cause some discoloration of the grass, but it recovers fairly quickly.

You can also use the Ground Ivy/Creeping Charlie recipe below to kill moss.

Organic Dandelion Control

Here is a formula that we have been testing for the past couple of years:

  • Mix a 14 oz container of regular table salt with 3 ½ quarts of warm water. Shake or stir until fully dissolved.
  • Add 6 oz of Liquid Iron and ½ teaspoon of dish soap.
  • Put the mixture into a pump-up sprayer with a wand on it, or use trigger sprayer if you’ll only be treating a handful of weeds.
  • Wet the leaves of the dandelions thoroughly, then spray some extra into the center of the plant.

You will have to respray at least once more, maybe twice, perhaps a week between applications.  The older the plant, the thicker the root and the longer it will take to kill. Summer and fall applications will be more effective than spring ones. This strong solution will discolor grass around it, so don’t over-spray. Salt is not great for the soil, so make sure you are also using Aerify Plus or any of our other soil conditioning products that neutralize salts as well. This recipe also works well on plantain.

Organic Lawn Ivy Control!

Mix 2 oz of Liquid Iron instead of 6 oz as in the above formula. Wet the leaves of the ground ivy well and respray every 4-5 days. The ground ivy will shrink and turn brown as it starts to die off. Try to avoid getting a lot on the grass, and only use when the ivy is actively growing and not dormant due to summer heat. Fall applications work best for this and most weed control applications.

You can also use this recipe to kill moss.

As spring winds down into summer, now is a great time to apply iron as a soil amendment or as moss or weed control!

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