Fall Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care routines change with the weather and the seasons. Here are just a few quick tips Fall Lawn Care Tips keep in mind as we enter fall.

  • Gradually start lowering your mowing height once the grass growth starts to slow down or if taller grass is making leaf clean up difficult.
  • Don’t allow leaves to accumulate in piles that would smother the lawn.
  • Seed now! Overseeding is a great option this time of year, but be sure not to fertilize again until the new grass has grown enough to be mowed at least once.
  • Water if needed. Dry conditions in the fall will affect lawn health. You want the grass and other plants to be strong going into the winter. Many people put their hoses away far too early.
  • MOVE YOUR LIQUID PRODUCTS TO A WARMER PLACE. Most liquid fertilizers and soil amendments need to be stored in temperatures over 40 degrees, so it is time to move your products out of the shed or other unprotected area and put them in a warmer place.
  • Handle thatch before it’s too late! Getting rid of any thatch conditions you may have now will help your lawn spring back when the snow melts next spring.

That’s it for now!