Working with wet, clay soil

It has been a cool, wet spring in our neck of the woods, and we are eager to get the plants in the garden. But after digging around a bit, some of the beds were not ready for planting–they were too wet and sticky. You can’t just go by the calendar when it comes to planting flowers or veggies, especially where soils tend to be compacted or clay-like. You need to see if the soil is ready to be worked, or you can end up with a mess.

Here is a link to one of our favorite articles, which tells you how to avoid “premature cultivation.

Easy, Natural Weed Reduction

Finally, one of the ways to reduce weeds is to crowd them out, or prevent sprouting with a thicker, taller lawn. Heavier fertilizing in the mid-spring and early summer with All In One for LAWNS or most other fertilizers, will encourage grass growth. Of course, this means you’ll also have to mow more, too. But regular, high mowing is the best way to keep your grass thick, healthy, and unfriendly to weeds!

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