Winter is coming…protect your lawn!

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Every winter, lawns across the North take a beating. With snow piling up, months of freezing and thawing, and salt damage, it’s a miracle some lawns grow back at all in the spring. And when they do come back, many lawns have to contend with dead spots from where the dog goes.

Winterizing the lawn is a great way to improve grass health and recovery time. At this time of year, grass is slowing its growth as all of the energy goes to the roots, digging deeper into the soil and gathering as much nutrients as possible to help it survive the winter. Our LAWN FORCE 5 (regular or phosphorous-free) is an excellent fertilizer to put down at this time of year for the beneficial root fungus it contains called mycorrhizae. This helps the roots draw more nutrients from the soil than they could on their own, preparing the grass for the long cold months ahead.

Protect Your Lawn Against Salt and Pet Damage

Something else you can do to protect your lawn this winter is apply our Spotless Lawn product before the snow falls. Spotless Lawn Dog Spot Aid is a unique organic formula that is designed to control and prevent dog urine burns on your lawn. Applying this product heavily in the late fall results in a healthier, deeper-rooted lawn that is protected against not only dog urine burns, but salt and weather damage as well.

Strengthen your lawn this fall with a heavy application of Spotless Lawn and watch it come back stronger and greener than ever in the spring!


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