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Wetting Agent

Description Price Qty. Order
Wetting Agent, Quart $10.22
Wetting Agent, Gallon $19.95
Wetting Agent, 2½ Gallons $16.38 /gal $40.95
Wetting Agent, 5 Gallons $14.79 /gal $73.95

Also available in 55-gal drums, 250-gal totes, and larger size bulk containers. E-mail us for details.

A Multi-Purpose Spreader-Sticker-Surfactant

FORMULA WETTING AGENT is a non-ionic adjuvant and compatibility agent designed to cause better wetting, sticking, and absorption of spray material. This increases the performance and effectiveness of foliar fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or other chemicals. When mixing FORMULA WETTING AGENT with other spray material it will enhance compatibility, maintain a better solution, and reduce spray drift. It may be applied with any type of sprayer or spraying system, including aerial sprayers.

FORMULA WETTING AGENT is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

FORMULA WETTING AGENT works to break down water size (DYNES) giving a more even spray layer and reducing water droplet formations on the leaf .This will reduce the chances of prism burn from water droplet formations on leaves.

FORMULA WETTING AGENT can be used with any of the foliar sprays in our 4 Step Garden Fertilizing Program to help nutrients stick better and absorb faster.


  • Apply in the early morning or late afternoon, never in the heat of the day* See Spraying Tips.

  • Always add FORMULA WETTING AGENT to the spray tank last, after the water, to reduce foaming. Use a few drops of defoamer if needed.

Application Rates:

  • Pump / Backpack Sprayers: 1 - 2 Teaspoons per gallon of mix
  • Hose-End Sprayers: 1 oz per 32 oz of product
  • Foliar Fertilizing: 1/2 cup per acre
  • Insecticides/herbicides: 1/2 cup per acre
  • Tank Mix Rate: 1 Pint per 100 gallons

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