The Secret to getting an Effortlessly Green Lawn in the Dog Days of Summer

At this point in the summer, many of you have lawns that are struggling under the deep summer heat. You may not even want to apply fertilizer this month as the heat intensifies and lingers. But you still want a green lawn, right?

Enter: Sugar-Chelated Liquid Iron

Nature's Lawn liquid iron for lawn, garden, plants, soil

Liquid Iron is the boost your grass needs to get a rich, green color this time of year, without encouraging excessive growth and putting extra stress on the grass. Our Liquid Iron is safely sugar-chelated (no EDTA) so it will both absorb and green up your lawn quickly. It will also last longer than other non-chelated irons. Additionally, we have added in small amounts of nitrogen and manganese for better uptake and effectiveness.

Grass with iron chlorosis (iron deficiency)

To quickly and easily turn yellowing grass into a beautiful green lawn, simply apply Liquid Iron at a rate of 2-3 oz of product per gallon of water using a pump sprayer, hose-end sprayer, or any commercial application equipment. Use from 3 oz per sf up to 10 oz per 1000 sf, then water in to activate. We recommend starting with the lower amounts and giving your lawn a day or two to show color change).

Do not apply more than 20 oz per 1000 sf over the course of a season.

What about Trees, Shrubs, Gardens, and House Plants?

Plant with iron chlorosis.

Plants, too, can suffer from iron deficiency. This often shows up as marked yellowing of the leaves, as the plant struggles to produce chlorophyll (hence, chlorosis). This yellowing is different from the yellowing that occurs in calcium deficiency, which is usually accompanied by a curling of the leaf and an almost burnt appearance.

BONUS: Liquid Iron can also be used for moss control!

That’s all for now!