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Nature’s Lawn & Garden Reviews & Testimonials

nature's lawn product reviews


“I love your products!! My neighbors say my lawn is a carpet not a lawn.

Thank you again! I have been using LAWN FORCE 5 (formerly All-In-One) for several years.”

 – J.K., NJ

nature's lawn product reviews


Best lawn in town thanks to Natures Lawn!

– J. Novak, Hinsdale, IL.

Nature's Lawn product reviews


I thought you might enjoy how beautiful my yard looks with LAWN FORCE 5 (formerly All-In-One). Thanks for great products!”

 Gary K, Shelbyville, IL


I have used your products for many years now. My soil has gone from tight reddish clay to black rich dirt with earthworms everywhere. Great products!!”

 – Dave Z, Marysville, Kansas


Great products. My lawn has never looked as healthy since I started using LAWN FORCE 5 [formerly All-In-One]. Using a tank pressure sprayer makes application easy and no more burned spots or surge growth like I used to have with dry granules.

Brian G., Spirit Lake, Iowa


For 5 years now, Nature’s Lawn products are the only thing I use on my lawn. As of last year, I have the greenest lawn on my block. It is also the first lawn on the block to green up in the spring. Customer service is top notch and personal. No form letter answers to questions here.

 T. Barnes, Reno, Nevada

nature's lawn product reviews


I have an estimated 1460 pound pumpkin that is still slowly growing in my backyard in Joliet, IL. This is the first year I tried your AERIFY PLUS product and am very happy with the results to say the least. I applied one full hose end applicator bottle to each planting spot that consists of 700 sq ft. I have made repeated posts in my grower diary about your product on and have also posted on the Giant Vegetable Growers’ of Ontario’s message board how i love the product especially the goodies of the kelp, molasses, and humic acid thrown in. That is one nice combo besides also loosening my soil while at it.

 – Jeff S. Joliet, IL

Note: Jeff’s pumpkin came in at 1493 pounds and set an Illinois state record.

nature's lawn reviews


“Three different neighbors, in addition to a house guest from Cincinnati in January, have been most generous in their praise for the robust, lush appearance of our lawn. You know from experience the road to a vigorous lawn didn’t start in January; it started in spring 2005 when I Googled “hard pan clay.” Up came Nature’s Lawn, with Aerify and Nature’s Magic.

I made three or four full applications each summer. During each of the drought-plagued summers I watered diligently. The earthworms loved it, the Robins loved the earthworm population, and the tall fescue thrived.

Considering we’re in our fifth growing season, we feel the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Evidently, our neighbors think the same…at least they continue the parade of compliments!”


nature's lawn before and after pictures


“The photo on the [top] is the one I sent to you last Spring after 18″ of snow fell (and killed) my beautiful lawn over Christmas. I reseeded and used Aerify Plus about once a month through the Spring and Summer months. Naturally I did the Spring and Summer fertilizing. The photo on the [bottom] was taken about a month ago after my Fall fertilizing and Aerify Plus. I am delighted with the results. My grass came back 100% better than all my neighbors who had the same problem as I.

Thanks a lot for all your help.”

 G. Boyer, Ridgefield, WA


“Just wanted to notify you to tell you how amazing my organic lawn has looked over the past two years. I am a 67 year old woman who works on my own 1/2 acre property and maintains the lawn. I only will use organic products as there is a high cancer rate here on Long Island and I will not use anything that will cause harm to people and wildlife.

I have used your LAWN FORCE 5 (formerly All-In-One) and the Lime plus the Super Humid Acid.

I had a professional gardener here at my home to eradicate some poison ivy and he expressed how beautiful my lawn was. I told him that I do it myself and it is all organic. He said that his company could not have done a better job on an organic lawn. So there you have it!! A great success story!!”

 – Lynne R, Port Jefferson Station, NY


“Let me start off by telling you how great your products are. Back in the late 60’s and 70’s I had a lawn care franchise business in NY, and was sold on the Spray application method. I sold out to Chemlawn, and now I live in Charlotte, NC. When I found your products on the internet I had to give them a try. Today I have the best lawn in the development. The neighbors stop by just to walk on the lawn. Some stop by to feel it, they think it is fake. Lawn maintenance companies ask me what I am doing to keep my lawn looking so good. I tell them and they don’t believe me.

As you can tell, I am totally sold on Natures Lawn. I don’t believe there is anything easier or better to use when dealing with my Charlotte, NC clay.”

J Anderson, Charlotte, NC


“I called Natures Lawn and they were more than helpful in educating me on what products of theirs to try: Aerify PLUS, and Biological Dethatcher. I intially thought I would have to turn over the entire yard, but as it turned out, over a few weeks, the grass began to change, not only in color but texture. I have a seeded lawn, and it was never truly thick, nor would it stand up like sod. Except for this summer it did, and its beginning to look like I laid down sod. Even now in mid October its still green when other lawns around me aren’t.

Having read others testimonials, I to wanted to add to mine. Natures Lawn truly are the real experts with lawn and garden, and the products they’ve created proves they know what they’re talking about. They take the [difficulty] out of maintaining the kind of lawn everyone wants. If their advice is followed, and the products they recommend are used in accordance with the instructions you will have not only a beautiful lawn but [a beautiful] garden as well.

The neat thing is that these products work with nature not against it. In addition to all this I have begun to see the return of earthworms. I think the Robins may have visited our yard to frequently over the summer filling their bellies. Whatever the case, its a healthy sign. They are after all natures true aerators.

Thanks for the truly great products.”

 Jerry, Milwaukee, WI

nature's lawn and garden testimonial the lawn chick


“I can recommend Aerify Plus as a good soil improvement product for lawns. It was packaged and shipped well, arrived promptly, and I found it easy to apply to the lawn. It’s a product I’ll be happy to use again in the future.”

-Sarah, “The Lawn Chick”

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