Safe, Natural Mosquito Protection (Plus Labor Day Sale!)

Insect Protection the Safe, Natural Way

With the Zika virus making headlines these past few months, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not our Yard Guard product is effective against mosquitoes or other disease-carrying insects. The answer is YES. With regular applications of Yard Guard, you can not only keep pests away from your lawn and garden and eliminate existing infestations, you can also repel flying insects like mosquitoes, too. Yard Guard turns your whole yard into a no-fly zone for mosquitoes, flying ants, moths, stink bugs, and more. That way, you can enjoy the rest of the summer in your own back yard, without worrying about bug bites!

In addition, you can spray this non-staining product directly onto patios, decks, and all around the foundation of your house to prevent ants and spiders from entering your home.

Annual Labor Day Sale

Many of you will be out in your yards this holiday weekend, and you may notice areas where your lawn or garden could use some improvement. Just in time as we creep towards Fall, we’re offering 15% off this weekend only! Just enter coupon code LBRDAY16 at checkout on your next order before September 6th, and save!

As always, feel free to email us at any time at all with questions you may have about using our products on your lawns and gardens. We welcome questions about soils, vegetable gardens, and farm crop, too