Pre-Spring-Cleaning Sale! Plus Early Spring Gardening Tips

How to Prepare for Early Spring Gardening

Daylight Savings Time starts this Sunday, March 12, which means it’s time to “spring ahead” into gardening season! Whether you have a large-scale flower or vegetable garden or prefer smaller container gardens on your patio and indoor houseplants, we’ve got what you need to get ready for spring!

AND, as a special incentive, we’re offering 20% off specific products to help you get started!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the secret is in the soil! All plants need good soil for healthy growth and productivity. Well-prepared soil is the foundation of your entire garden—and gives you a jump-start on the growing season! 

Soil Preparation

Start by cleaning up your garden bed. Remove any debris or weeds that managed to survive the winter. Weeds will compete with your plants for space, sunlight, and nutrients.

Take the time to prep your soil. Seeds need to be able to break through the soil when they germinate, so soft, well-aerated soil is essential. You don’t want to till the soil too much, though, as this can cause clumping, compaction, and loss of beneficial soil bacteria. We recommend a liquid aerator like Aerify! to keep the soil loose and break down clay and compaction. Mix it with Nature’s Magic and you can make your own Aerify PLUS!

Once the soil is cleaned up and loosened, perform any soil testing that you need to do. One of the easiest things to test for is soil pH. If you find your soil is on the acidic side, an application or two of Liquid Lime will help raise the pH and unlock nutrients in the soil while providing valuable calcium to your lawn and garden. For soil that is too alkaline, Super Humic Acid (on sale this weekend!) can help unlock nutrients bound up by pH imbalances and make them available for absorption. If you need to amend your soil, do that before putting your seeds/transplants into the ground.

It’s always a good idea to add organic matter to your garden beds before planting, such as compost. But not everyone has room for a compost bin, or wants to deal with shoveling a truckload of compost from the driveway to your garden beds. Nature’s Magic is the perfect liquid alternative, adding concentrated organic matter, molasses, and humic & fulvic acids to the soil in seconds, without the hassle of heavy (often smelly) compost.

If your plans involve starting a vegetable garden or indoor herb garden, you’ll want to try out our new Plant Food Hero, an organic fertilizer derived exclusively from composted food scraps to provide soil-building nutrients that energize your garden and houseplants, without any risk of fertilizer burn. Plant Food Hero is a very gentle, versatile fertilizer you can continue to use foliarly once your plants start growing, to experience more and bigger blooms and more veggies!


Your indoor plants will notice that the days are getting longer, letting them know it’s time to come out of dormancy. Here are a few tips on how to help them out this spring!

  1. Clean dust from leaves to promote better photosynthesis. You’ll be amazed at how dirty your leaves become over winter. Use a clean rag for each plant to avoid spreading any pests or diseases. This is also a great time to check under leaves and in branch crevices for any lingering mites or gnats!
  2. Thin out dead leaves for better air circulation. Clean up any fallen or dried leaves in and around the pot, but do NOT use them as mulch for your plant, they can still harbor disease and pests.
  3. Change your watering schedule. During the winter, we recommended that you water less. With early spring approaching, you’ll need to water your houseplants slightly more than you did in the winter. During later spring and into summer, your plant grows much faster, and  you’ll need to water more often. Pay close attention to the soil and make sure it’s dry. You can still overwater your plant in the spring and summer.
  4. Fertilize & Feed. To prepare your houseplants for the rapid growth they experience in spring and summer, fertilize them with Bio-Enhanced 10-8-8 Plant Food (on sale this weekend!). This will improve rooting and increase resistance to fungus, disease, and weather stress, increase nutrient availability to the roots, bioactivate the soil, and more!
  5. In spring and summer, feed your houseplants with Houseplant Hero (on sale this weekend!) every 2 weeks to add organic matter to soil, increase bloom size, color, and numbers; increase Brix levels, & much more! 

No matter the size or type of garden you have, we have the right products to give you a jump-start on spring. Enjoy the extra hour of sunlight – get out there and get growing! 

All of our products are non-toxic and safe for both pets and children. If you have any questions about your lawn or garden, please don’t hesitate to reach out!