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Organic Weed WipeOut (Fall Only)

This is an intense 3-4 application program that will eliminate 85-90% or more of your existing weeds – including some of the tough ones like ground ivy. This program is usually completed within a month and is best done when weeds are active in the early fall. It can’t be done if the grass is very dry, or the temperature is too high.

Best results are obtained on lawns that are receiving fertilizing, and that have a fairly good stand of durable grasses growing alongside the weeds.

Natural Insect Preventer for Lawns

This is a series of 3 cedar sprays approximately one month apart. This repels most of the insects that damage lawns. It is safe for kids and pets to walk on immediately after the application. If you are concerned with fleas and ticks, this will repel them too. You can extend the flea and tick protection into the fall with a 4th treatment if desired, or you could order our Yard Guard-full property program instead.

Yard Guard –Full property flea and tick repellent

We use the same cedar spray as the Natural Insect Preventer, but treat the lawn as well as all the plantings on the property. This allows us to treat the branches of shrubs and the or tree trunks, where ticks may be sitting waiting to pounce. We pay extra attention to the property borders. Generally, 4 treatments are done throughout the season.

Note: Our Organic weed and insect management programs are not perfect, but they are our best efforts, based on decades of experience, to control these problems safely. We are shooting for at least 90% control, which is darn good without using chemical pesticides. But even with chemicals, you’ll always find some weeds or insects on lawns. It’s only natural.

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