How To Mow Your Lawn – Part 2

When Should I Mow My Lawn? As we mentioned in Part 1, each time you mow the lawn you are slicing off part of the food factory of the grass plant, located in the leaf blades.  Keep that in mind while you ponder these points: You need to keep grass long enough to be able

How To Mow Your Lawn – Part 1

The very least you must do for a home lawn is mow it, and poor mowing is the very first problem that needs to be addressed if you want to give your lawn a chance to be healthy. Poor mowing leads to poor color, weeds, crabgrass, disease, thatch, and invasion of undesirable grasses into your

Why is there moss in my lawn? – All About Moss

What’s the Deal with Moss? Moss is a plant that can grow in conditions that other plants, including grasses, can’t endure.  It is not a very aggressive or competitive plant, but nature seems to use it more as a filler, for thin or bare soils. So, when you ask the question “Why is there moss

Top 5 Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

Preparing for Spring Though parts of the country are still frozen, there are many areas where weather has returned to normal. We are starting to receive a lot of emails about what to do for your lawn to get the jump on the spring/summer lawn care season. Here are our top 5 tips! Top 5

The History of Lawns

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What is a lawn winterizer?

What is a winterizer application? The term winterizer has been used to promote various fall lawn applications on Northern grasses for some 30   years.  It has been used by many to sell all sorts of fertilizer blends for applications timed from early late August through late November. Since Cornell University says that the winterizer

Garlic: The Easiest Edible Plant to Grow

Garlic not only adds flavor and fragrance to your cooking, it has incredible health benefits as well. But did you know that garlic is one of the easiest plants there is to grow? Even if you have never planted anything before, you’ll find that it is very easy to grow garlic. If you have just

Fertilize, Aerate, and De-thatch for $4!

We’ve done the math! With LAWN FORCE 5 (formerly All-In-One for Lawns), you can fertilize, aerate, and de-thatch all at once, for less than $4 per 1000 square feet! LAWN FORCE 5 is a lawn care kit in a bottle that is as effective as it is easy to apply. It contains 5 incredible ingredients:

How to Check For Ticks

Tick bites can range from mild nuisance to serious medical condition. And while most tick bites are harmless, on rare occasions, tick bites can transmit serious illnesses like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, relapsing fever, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis (and even more in pets). Ticks can stay attached to their host for

Is your lawn dying, or is it snow mold?

After the snow melts, you may find that your lawn is riddled with circles or patches of dead-looking grass. It may be gray, tan, white, or even pink. It could be that the grass is dead due to extremely severe winter conditions, or late fall damage by grubs or crane fly larvae, but it is