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If you’re here, you probably heard about us on Garden Talk, talking about our amazing product, Aerify PLUS. What is it exactly? Aerify PLUS is the solution you’ve been looking for to address hardpan, clay, or compacted soil, soil with poor drainage, and any soil where grass or gardens just don’t thrive. And best of all, using Aerify PLUS eliminates the need for mechanical aeration! Aerify PLUS penetrates deeper and makes changes in the soil that last longer than any mechanical aerator, at a fraction of the price.

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Break apart clay, compacted, and hardpan soil for increased root growth and nutrient availability at the root zone

Bio-activate your soil with nourishing kelp, seaweed, and humic & fulvic acids, adding life-giving organic matter to your soil

Improve drainage, eliminate standing water, and create optimal air and water movement in the soil


Get a beautiful lawn with zero mess, and at a fraction of the cost of mechanical aeration

Who needs Aerify PLUS?

  • When dry, my soil is so hard you can barely get a shovel into it
  • My lawn has bare spots where seeds just won’t grow for some reason
  • When it rains, my lawn becomes a soggy, swampy mess…
  • …but turns into concrete when it finally dries out!
  • I have new sod that just doesn’t want to take root
  • My soil has virtually no earthworms
  • My lawn is always dealing with fungus and/or disease no matter what I do
  • Mechanical aeration has helped a bit, but the mess it leaves behind is almost not worth it
  • My lawn just never seems to look healthy!

You’re not alone! Thousands of our happy customers once had similar complaints before they started using Aerify PLUS. Here’s what some of them they have to say:

I’ve been using Aerify Plus for about 15 months and started using your fertilizer and dethatcher at the end of last summer. My soil was very dry and usually picked up a disease from the thatch holding the water. After using Aerify Plus, here is a pic of my lawn in northern DE. Its so thick there is no room for a weed to come up. I just bought your all in one product to maintain my lawn. Thanks!

– H. Jones, DE

The football field at Luther College in Decorah Iowa had bad drainage. Grass roots were only two inches deep and most were brown, with some actually black. I applied the Aerify PLUS along with some of your Super Humic Acid and watered it really well. 3 weeks later I checked back. The roots were now healthy and white and down 4-6 inches. I’m sold on your products!

– Kurt O., IA

I have an estimated 1460 pound pumpkin that is still slowly growing in my backyard in Joliet, IL. This is the first year I tried your Aerify PLUS product and am very happy with the results to say the least. I applied one full hose end applicator bottle to each planting spot that consists of 700 sq ft. I have made repeated posts on my grower diary about your product on and have also posted on the Giant Vegetable Growers’ of Ontario’s message board how I love the product especially the goodies of the kelp, molasses, and humic acid thrown in. That is one nice combo besides also loosening my soil while at it.

– Jeff J., IL

(Note: Jeff’s pumpkin came in at 1493 pounds and set an Illinois state record!)

The photo on the [top] is the one I sent to you last Spring after 18? of snow fell (and killed) my beautiful lawn over Christmas. I reseeded and used Aerify PLUS about once a month through the Spring and Summer months. Naturally I did the Spring and Summer fertilizing. The photo on the [bottom] was taken about a month ago after my Fall fertilizing and Aerify Plus. I am delighted with the results. My grass came back 100% better than all my neighbors who had the same problem as I.

Thanks a lot for all your help.

– G. Boyer, Ridgefield, WA


Pesticide FREE

Pet Safe

Child Safe

Made in the USA


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