Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Aerify PLUS a “miracle product”?

    No. Aerify PLUS is simply a great gardening tool that improves soil aeration and bio-activity with each application. Though many users get very fast results, we can only say that the actual speed at which soils improve in any yard will depend mostly on the original soil condition or clay density, plus all the factors (fertility, organic matter, moisture, toxicity, pH etc?) which can influence the speed of soil improvement. Once soils begin to loosen up just a bit and become bio-active, the improvement will speed up noticeably and the soil can continue to improve for years.

  2. What is the difference between Aerify and Aerify PLUS?

    Aerify PLUS is a 50/50 mix of Aerify! and Nature’s Magic. The kelp and humates in the Nature’s Magic combined with the Aerify create the ultimate soil conditioning product. It opens up the soil and then gets the biology going much faster than Aerify alone could do. We use Aerify PLUS for all our commercial applications.We suggest using the straight Aerify if your soil is already very high in organic matter, but due to clay or compaction it drains poorly or does not have good structure deep into the root zone.

  3. Can I use the Aerify products with new seed?

    Yes. You can use these before, during or after seeding. It should increase seed germination rate and will allow faster root establishment. The Aerify PLUS will trigger the growth of a beneficial root fungus called mycorrhizae.

  4. Will the Aerify products work on all grass types?

    Yes. Aerify is a soil treatment, so it doesn’t matter what type of grass you have. You should spray it around all your other plants and trees as well.

  5. How much Aerify should I use for a very small area that I want to treat with a watering can?

    1 teaspoon of Aerify or 2 teaspoons of Aerify PLUS per gallon of water will work fine.

  6. Are the Aerify products safe to use?

    Yes. They are a safe, environmentally friendly products. They are safe to use around animal, pets and people. However, you should avoid skin or eye contact due to possible irritation. Rinse or flush with water if necessary, and rinse off fruits or vegetables before eating.Aerify and Aerify PLUS are also safe for beneficial soil organisms and will encourage their growth in your soil. Aerify PLUS helps detoxify the earth, turning dead soils into living soils. Earthworms, nature’s best aerators, love lawns treated with the Aerify products. If your clay soil lacks earthworms, that is going to change.

  7. Is there any danger in over-applying the Aerify?

    It would be extremely difficult to cause damage by over-applying as long as you water it into the soil. More frequent applications will speed up results somewhat. We’ve had people use at 5-10 times recommended rates without a problem. We’ll recommend very high rates for emergency situations like a non-draining septic tank leach field.

  8. Why should I use the Aerify products instead of core aerating?

    We did core aerating for about 20 years. During that time we never had a customer tell us that their soil improved noticably due to the coring alone. With applications of Aerify PLUS, we regularly hear that their soil seems better, and the grass looks better too. Simply put, Aerify PLUS actually improves the soil. It is also easier, faster and less expensive than core aeration.Look over the comparison we did Mechanical Aeration again if you need to.If you are in business, think of the stress you will avoid by using Aerify or Aerify PLUS. You won’t have to worry about repairing the sprinkler, underground wires, or vent cap that you may break using a machine. You won’t have a mess on the sidewalk or call backs due to a missed spot. You won’t have to repair aerator tines because you won’t be hitting rocks, tree roots or metal pipes any more.You can do Aerify applications any time during the growing season in any type of weather, no matter how dry or soggy the soil. The more applications you do, the better the lawn and soil be and the happier your customers will be.

  9. Can I use your products if I have a chemical lawn service or if I do my own lawn with a 4 step program like Scott’s™?

    Yes. Our products won’t interfere with these types of programs and should eventually help you get more out of the fertilizer you use. We advise applying at different times, especially if a weed control or insecticide is involved. However, if you plan to spread your 4 Step material the same day as you apply one of our products, we suggest applying our product(s) first and watering them in for about 10-15 minutes before spreading any 4 Step treatment.

    Note: Excessive use of herbicides, insecticides or fungicides can have a negative effect on soil biology, and that means it can slow down the soil improvement and Thatch decomposing microbes. Lack of earthworms is one sign that your soil bio-life is in trouble. Using AERIFY PLUS or even just NATURE’S MAGIC will help counteract a lot of the negative effects these chemicals can have on a soil.

  10. Can I mix your different products together to save time when I spray my yard?

    Most of our soil improvement and fertilizing products, except for the Liquid Lime (Calcium) , can be mixed together. Try to limit it to just three products in one sprayer.Be careful mixing in Liquid Sulfur with other fertilizers since our product also contains 12% Nitrogen.

  11. Can I use your products through my in ground sprinkler’s “fertigation” system?

    Yes. Our lawn fertilizers and all our other products are non-clogging and work great in those types of systems. Applying Aerify with our fertilizer, or any liquid fertilizer is a good idea.

  12. When is the best time of the year to apply the Aerify products?

    Aerify and Aerify PLUS can be applied any time of the year, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. The sooner you get it into the soil, the sooner you’ll realize the benefits. It can be applied when the grass is dormant in the south and will continue to work on the soil. It can also be used safely with drip or micro jet systems, and lawn companies and greens keepers can add Aerify to each liquid fertilizing if desired.

  13. How does Aerify really work?

    Clay particles are microscopic mineral pieces that stick together very tightly. The bonds that hold the clay particles together contain water. Aerify gets that water to release from the clay and then leach out. The result is a separation (flocculation) of the clay, and space for water and air movement, and root penetration too.Aerify alone will help generate beneficial aerobic microbes that are vital in order to form soil structure and build humus. Aerify PLUS will make this happen faster.It can take weeks or months for the microbial “herd” to grow to a threshold level — a level that will produce significant effects on permanent soil structure. It mostly depends on the density of your clay type, soil toxicity, and whether there is organic matter in the soil to feed the microbes. To optimize soil improvement and the development of beneficial bio-life in your aerated soil, we recommend using organic fertilizers,Some buyers ask if Aerify is just a very strong surfactant or wetting agent. The answer is a definite NO, though it will certainly work for those purposes too. What we have done is taken a product normally used as a surfactant, modified it in our manufacturing process and added proprietary ingredients. The result is that Aerify is IONIZED so it attaches to and works on the actual soil particles instead of simply working on the soil water. This makes Aerify a true Soil conditioner instead of a water treatment.All of our products are available in commercial sized bulk containers. Contact our office for price quotes and shipping charges.