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Safe Organic Non-Toxic Liquid Fertilizer and Liquid Aeration solutions from Nature’s Lawn & Garden. We have a wide variety of products to help solve just about any soil problem you may have. We have products for Soil Improvement, Lawn Care & Garden products.

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Aerify PLUS
Liquid Lime
Biological Dethatcher
Nature’s Magic
Yard Guard
Spotless Lawn


I’m extremely satisfied with the results I’m getting using your LAWN FORCE 5 and other garden fertilizers. The results speak for themselves. Thanks for creating such wonderful products! I’ll be back for more!

Bob P. – St. Louis, MO

I thought you would like to see how AWESOME my lawn looks! Now I am the ENVY of all my neighbors. It is so pretty and so thick. All because I have been using your products for about 5 years and prior to use my lawn was pretty bad as we have a lot of clay making it hard as a rock. Now, I find worms! Something I didn’t have for years and years! Most importantly, thanks for all of the advice you give when I have a question. It means a lot!

Joann K. – Ewing, NJ

I’ve been using Aerify Plus for about 15 months and started using your fertilizer and dethatcher at the end of last summer. My soil was very dry and usually picked up a disease from the thatch holding the water. After using Aerify Plus, Here is a pic of my lawn in northern DE. Its so thick there is no room for a weed to come up. I just bought your LAWN FORCE 5 (formerly All-In-One) product to maintain my lawn. I know it can be even better. Thanks!

– H. Jones