2022 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What did the man say when he discovered someone was secretly dumping topsoil on his lawn?

The plot thickens…


Groan. Dad jokes–gotta love ‘em!

It’s time to celebrate all the dads in our lives! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17. How do you plan to honor The Big Guy? This Father’s Day, you can help dad maintain his royalty status with products from Nature’s Lawn and Garden. It may not seem glamorous, but dad will appreciate your practicality!

Whether dad’s a Backyard Boss, a Grass Guru, or a Garden Hero, we’ve got you covered!

Quality time on the lawn with Dad

For the Grass Guru: Dad knows the key to a beautiful yard – the secret is in the soil! Finding the right fertilizer is key, but so is making sure the soil the bio-active, the grass clippings are breaking down, and the roots have room to breathe. Help Pops grow the lawn of his dreams while saving time on multiple applications by giving him a product that does more than one thing at a time! If your dad is looking for the ultimate lawn care kit in a bottle, Lawn Force 5 is the all-in-one product he needs. It fertilizes, aerates, dethatches, and activates the soil with humic acid and kelp, as well as beneficial root fungus (mycorrhizae).

For the Garden Hero: When your dad’s garden is the envy of the neighborhood, you want to help him keep it going strong! The best product we know of to enhance soil nutrients and protect plants from unpredictable weather and insect stress, is Nature’s Magic. This balanced blend of humic & fulvic acids and liquid seaweed provides concentrated essential nutrients, loads of potassium, liquid carbon, and all the plant growth regulators necessary to keep plants healthy, even in the dog days of summer.

For the Backyard Boss: When he’s ready to relax and enjoy the benefits of his hard work, keep insects (and your younger brother) from bugging him with Yard Guard. This cedar oil-based, non-toxic insect repellent is safe for kids, pets, and pollinating insects, so Dad can keep the family safe without scaring the humble bumble bees away.

For the Dog Dad: Keep dad’s best friend from ending up in the dog house. Spotless Lawn Dog Spot Aid works to spare your lawn from the indignities of dog urine burn through three simple steps: it Removes the urine, Restores the grass, and Protects the grass against future damage. With regular use, your grass will never show burns from dog urine again!

We here at Nature’s Lawn & Garden hope you get to enjoy spending some time together with your family in the yard. You’ll have to tolerate some dad jokes, but you know you’ll get some great dad advice, too!